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Profitable and tasty: promotions from Pronto Pizza

Who said food delivery has to be expensive? We make sure that you can order your favorite dishes without overpaying. The Pronto Pizza website always has promotional sushi sets, special offers for pizza delivery, discounts … everything you need for a profitable order! Any of our clients can take advantage of promotional offers. So choose your favorite dishes and enjoy: we will take care of the best price and fast delivery!

What promotions do we have?

We are constantly updating the list of special offers. That is why they created a separate section for them. You can find out about current promotions and find out how you can save.

What special offers are available on the Pronto Pizza website:

  • 1+1=3. Order 2 pizzas / 2 rolls, and get the third position for free. Profitable, isn’t it?
  • 10-20% discount for pickup. Please bring your own food if you can. And we will give you a nice bonus – we will reduce the price.
  • The second roll or pizza as a gift for your birthday. After all, celebrating with us is profitable and tasty.

By becoming a member of Pronto Club, you get 5% cashback from each of your orders. Therefore, be sure to create a profile on our website and order food even more profitable.

Promotional sushi sets and pizza that will become your favorite

Why our dishes are not only beneficial, but also delicious? We make sure that you truly enjoy! The basis of each dish is selected, fresh ingredients that we store and process in accordance with all requirements. Our chefs are well aware of traditional recipes and are always in a hurry to please you with delicious new products.

Also, we:

  • We are working on improving the recipes. Everything to ensure that our dishes do not have time to bore you.
  • We strictly and professionally control the quality of each dish. It is important for us that everything is perfect.
  • Your wishes are the law for us. We value feedback, take into account all the comments of our customers and constantly improve.
  • We deliver food quickly. That is why it perfectly preserves the taste, aroma, and appearance. You can even serve on the festive table and treat guests!

So if you love good food, you are in the right place. Promotions for the delivery of sushi and pizza, new dishes, fast work of couriers – all this you will like.

Take advantage of promotional offers on the Pronto Pizza website

We make sure that you can order delicious food quickly, profitably and without any hassle. Any client can take advantage of our promotional offers: just read the conditions! You can place an order for your favorite dishes – sushi, pizza, salads, snacks – on our website or by phone. Couriers will deliver your order in just 29-59 minutes to any corner of the city.

Pronto Pizza is:

  • No minimum order – no restrictions for our customers. Order food for the amount that you think is appropriate.
  • Free delivery of pizza, sushi and all other dishes from our menu.
  • Delivery area – the whole city. We will deliver your order to any address you need.
  • Fast couriers who deliver food in the green zone in 29 minutes, in the yellow zone in 59 minutes.
  • Convenient payment methods (cash and card). You can pay directly upon receipt.

We work every day, without days off. We will prepare the most delicious dishes for you!

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