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Combo sets

1470 g
Капрічоза, 4 Сири, Каліфорнія Класік, Філадельфія Твікс
679 грн
930 g
Спайсі Курка, Каліфорнія з креветкою, Філадельфія Лайт
499 грн
Картопля фрі (100 г.), Нагетси (4 шт.), Сік Садочок фруктовий (0.2 л.), Іграшка-розмальовка, повітряна кулька
155 грн
1530 g
Pronto 30 cm, 4 cheeses 30 cm, Basilica 30 cm
613 грн
1550 g
Pizza: Margarita 30cm, With a pear 30cm, Capricciosa 30cm
499 грн
3805 g
Pizza: Cossack 30cm, Hawaiian 30cm, Cornelia 30cm, Prosciutto Fungi 30cm, Fruit Juice Garden 1 l, Tomato Juice Garden 1 l
789 грн
6110 g
Pizza: Mexican 30cm, 4 cheeses 30cm, Pronto 30cm, Capricciosa 30cm, Salami 30cm, Basil 30cm, Hawaiian 30cm, 4 seasons 30cm, Caesar sauce 2 pcs, Barbecue sauce 2 pcs, Garlic sauce 2 pcs, Pepsi 2 l
1523 грн
4950 g
Pizza: Carleone 30cm, Pesto 30cm, Cheeseburger 30cm, Margarita 30cm, Salami 30cm, Spicy Chicken 30cm Fruit juice Garden 1 l, Tomato juice Garden 1 l, Caesar sauce 1 pc, Barbecue sauce 1 pc, Garlic sauce 2 pcs
1139 грн
4240 g
Pizza: Caesar 30cm, Amore 30cm, Pronto 30cm, Texas 30cm, Pepsi 2 l, Garlic sauce 2 pcs, Barbecue sauce 2 pcs
999 грн
7255 g
Pizza: Cornelia 40cm, Margarita 40cm, Cheeseburger 40cm, Nuggets 12 pcs, French fries 200g 2 servings, Ketchup sauce 3 pcs, Caesar sauce 3 pcs, Fruit juice Garden 2 l, Pepsi 2 l
1325 грн
3365 g
Pizza: Cornelia 40cm, Hawaiian 40cm, Nuggets 12 pcs, French fries 200g 2 servings, Ketchup sauce 2 pcs, Caesar sauce 2 pcs, multifruit juice 1l
925 грн

Arrange a holiday at home: combo menu delivery in Ivano-Frankivsk

A house party is always a great idea. It’s so nice to get together with friends, chat, spend time fun and exciting. And if you still don’t have to cook on your own, the holiday can be considered ideal. Don’t waste time at the stove: enjoy the weekend. Pronto Pizza will take care of the food. You just have to choose and order a combo menu

What is a combo menu?

This is a great set of food for you, your friends and family. We have combo sets for every taste. They can include a variety of dishes:

  • Pizza and sushi for companies that can’t decide what they want more.
  • Various types of pizza – cheese, meat, and others.
  • Pizza and a variety of snacks – french fries, nuggets.

We deliver a combo menu with drinks. This means that you do not have to worry about them additionally.

Ordering a combo menu in Ivano-Frankivsk on the Pronto Pizza website is not only delicious, but also profitable. Because each combo offer costs significantly less than, all the dishes included in it are ordered separately. We make sure you save money!

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